Happy Holidays!! (w/ Holiday Stories)

Hi everyone,

So, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…it’s soon to be the holidays! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or anything else, we all love to be in the holiday spirit.

So to celebrate, I’ve released not one, but TWO stories for your reading pleasure.

Christmas Miracle

4 Christmas Miracle E-Book Cover

Melanie Samuels is not fond of Christmas. In fact, she’s not really fond of anything that doesn’t include making her public relations firm even better than it currently is. She’s been called many things before, “cold” being the one most frequently used. Not that she cares. As long as her business is prospering, and she’s raking in profits, Melanie is as “happy” as can be. An encounter with a new potential client begins to change that.

Sebastian Cameron Mackintosh doesn’t need a publicist. He’s a businessman, not a celebrity, though the paparazzi seem intent on ignoring that fact. Still, when the person who thinks he’s in dire need of one is his relentless little sister, he has no choice but to show up to the appointment. Expecting a short and boring meeting, Cameron is instead intrigued by the cool, stoic Melanie Samuels, owner of the MS Agency.

Within days, intrigue turns to more, and before long, Cameron is completely smitten with her. All he has to do is convince Melanie Samuels to take a chance and trust him.

With all the baggage that Melanie carries around daily, it will be a Christmas Miracle if she does…

Christmas Angel

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00014]

Angels don’t exist. They aren’t real. But on Christmas Eve, Jiselle Coletti encounters a man she knows very well, a man who has haunted her since he left—her husband.
Christmas Angel is a tale of a love so deep and true, it transcends all else.

Happy Holidays all!



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Warrior Book Chat – April 5, 2014 in The Fantasyland

Hello lovelies-

So since Warrior has re-released and I’ve never done a book chat for Warrior, I thought April 5, 2014 in The Fantasyland would be a great time to do it.


Warrior was my first full length story and I wrote most of it in one very dedicated summer. As an author, you tend to say all of your stories are your favorites but because Warrior was one of my firsts and it has a sword-weilding princess, it has a special place in my heart. Additionally, I wrote Warrior with the historicals of old in my mind, so I was half in love with Vulcan before I even started. Lol.

Because I changed the cover to one more reflective of the story in my opinion, an issue has arisen. Some people have questions about Jaisyn’s race, and I wanted to answer those questions in a “live” setting. Those who followed me from Lit and TST know that my inspiration behind Jaisyn has always been Trya Banks. In fact, in 2010, I created the post below to showcase how I pictured the main characters, and this was when the old cover was being used.

I know that different people will picture a character differently and that is one of the beauties of reading and writing, but I feel its necessary to respond when the debates have reached a certain point and persons begin accusing me of changing the cover for the wrong reasons.

So, on April 5, 2014, I will be discussing Warrior in its entirety, including my reasons behind changing the cover and the amount of years I’ve been working on changing this cover.


If you are not a member of The Fantasyland, you may have to join to access the chat. If you’re having problems, please let me know.

Also, if you have a question but can’t make it to the event, join the event, ask your question, and I will answer it. You can read the transcript later. :)


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Warrior by Violette Dubrinsky (New Cover)

Good evening lovelies-


I have re-released Warrior with a new cover for those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook and have no clue. :)

Why? Well, I’m continuing the trilogy and wanted a cover that showcased the heroine a bit more realstically. Warrior is and has always been a fantasy-historical-multicultural story, meaning it is set in two kingdoms that do not exist (yep, I made them up) and features characters who are different races and cultures. I received many questions as to the race of the heroine and I created Jaisyn with a young Tyra Banks in mind. That doesn’t mean you have to see Jaisyn that way and some haven’t. Lol. That was simply my inspiration.

Who is Warrior for? Well, do you like ALPHA males? Did you find Conall (Taken By Moonlight) or Leon (Colorblind) overbearing? If you did, I can tell you now that you won’t like Vulcan. Vulcan is the original alpha which means he is out of this world with his alpha. Plus, he’s from a time where women were not considered equal to men so naturally, he’s a bit of a Neanderthal.

So, if you don’t mind serious alpha males and headstrong, stubborn, sword-wielding females, and stories that are written with the culture of medieval England in mind, Warrior is probably for you. But who am I to tell you what you’ll like? Hop on Amazon or Barnes and Nobles and download a sample. If you like it, buy (if you haven’t already). If not, there are always other stories — currently in the works.

P.S. If you’ve read Warrior and read Warrior, please leave a review. :)









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An Update: Where are the Sequels?


Hello there-

I’ve received a few emails/comments/messages asking this question so instead of replying individually to everyone, I’m going to do a blog update. :)

I want to thank everyone who asked about or has been curious about the sequels for being interested in reading more of my works.

I currently have a few series/sagas going, most of which have at least 2 stories written. The only saga with one story thus far is the Warrior saga. Moonlight has two stories: TBM and Colorblind, Dark Gods have two: Fallen and Bound, Gangs of New York (G.O.N.Y) – Double Dragon has two: The Masseuse and The Dragon.

On how many stories per sequel I’m anticipating: 

For Warrior: I anticipate a total of 3 stories: about the 3 princesses. You already have Warrior. Next up is Isolde’s story.

For Moonlight: I currently anticipate at least 5 stories, concerning various characters to whom you were already introduced. Some of these characters include Max, Drew, Raoul, Sloan, Cassie, Alex.

For the Dark Gods: I currently anticipate at least 3 stories. The next story is Moros’s.

*Sidenote*: The Moonlight and Dark Gods sagas run parallel to each other. That will be apparent in Moros’s story.

For The Gangs of New York (G.O.N.Y) – Double Dragon: I anticipate one more book for Ramsey/Jezebel, which will close out that part of the saga, followed by 3 more stories concerning Jax, Bastian, and Vince.

On where the sequels are: Some are not written yet, some are a third done, some are half done, some are thee-fourths done, but they aren’t ready yet or I would have already released them to you. :) I’m a big stickler for a good, fleshed-out story so even if the story is complete, and I don’t believe the story is ready, it may sit for a while until it’s ready to be told in a way that you deserve.

On why it’s taking so long to write sequel(s): You want the sequels, but you want sequels that complement the first story that you read. You don’t want shoddy, rushed work, and I wouldn’t give that to you for free, much less for a price. Additionally, I don’t really write short stories. I enjoy a full length novel so I strive to give my readers that. And last but not least, I am not a full time writer, just like many other writers. I am a currently a graduate student so I am constantly juggling school and writing. When I begin my career, I’ll be juggling writing and work. I am not using this as an excuse. I am simply telling you that “life” gets in the way of writing sometimes and it cannot be helped.

On why I’m publishing new stories when the sequels aren’t complete: Before I began publishing, I wrote numerous “free” stories for different websites. I still have stories available for free on this website (A Summer to Remember, Under Her Spell, etc.) Most of the stories you view as “new” were written years ago (for ex. TBM was written in 2008) but have only recently been published. My Library is filled with complete, unpublished stories that are waiting their turn for release, and when I haven’t updated in a while, I usually release those to “tide” my readers over.

On whether publishing stories that have sequels is a marketing ploy: I can assure you it is not. When I sit down to write a story, I have a scene in my head, a bunch of talking characters, and my laptop. I don’t think of creating a series. I think of writing one story, because serieses are harder than stand-alones. Remembering the details of one story is hard enough. Imagine remembering the details of five. O.o. Warrior and Taken By Moonlight were supposed to be stand-alone stories until secondary characters grew too big and demanded their own stories.

On when you can expect the next Warrior, Moonlight, Dark God, G.O.N.Y. sequel: I do not give ETAs until I’ve completed the story simply because I don’t want to disappoint. As I said, I am not a full time writer so there are times that writing has to come second to school. What I can promise you is that I’ll keep you updated on what’s happening with the sequels.

On what’s happening right now with the sequels: Currently, the sequel to Taken By Moonlight is being written. Everything else has taken a back seat as I write Drew’s story. As TBM was written with secondary characters, so will the sequel, and you will of course see what your favorite werewolf/druid (Conall and Vivienne) couple have been up to.

On when the older, unpublished stories will come out: As soon as a few more sequels are released, I’ll get to the unpublished stories. I know many are asking for When Irish Are Watching and I would have already released it except its not ready. I have to do serious rewrites for that story. I’m not changing the story just making it more realistic. A few have asked about True Colors and I’m not sure I’ll be publishing that story. I may release it as a free read. Some have asked about the missing Christmas story and that will release next Christmas. :)

Thank you for reading and being patient. I hope that answered most of your questions. If not, please feel free to comment and ask. Again, I’m also available on Facebook and in my Facebook group, where many of these questions are answered quickly.



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Happy Holidays Everyone!


Happy Holidays!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful 2013 and are looking forward to 2014.



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New Release: A New Year’s Surprise (Now Available Everywhere)

Hello there-

I hope you’re in the mood for a holiday story. ;)

VD_A New Years Surprise_300x450

A New Year’s Surprise is now available for Kindle, Nook and PDF. It is a holiday novella so grab your wine, play some carols in the background and grab your e-readers… ;)






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Upcoming Release: A New Year’s Surprise

Hello there-

I hope you enjoyed The Dragon and are now getting into the Holiday spirit. To further send you there, I will be releasing a holiday story later this week. :)

VD_A New Years Surprise_300x450


“‘Tis the Season to be jolly” her ass. What was so jolly about finding out that your college sweetheart turned husband of three years and father of your six month old is a low-down, dirty cheater? So jolly? No. Pissed? Yes. Heartbroken? Absolutely. Looking for answers? Most definitely. With her two best friends at her side, and a whole lot of righteous anger, Catherine “Kat” Rochester confronts her husband and his mistress on New Year’s Eve.


Coming soon!


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